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    cats, 122-136, 138-157
    cheese, 68-71
    dogs, 159-179
    Persians, 150-155
    poodles, 162-166
    Roquefort, 69
    Siamese, 138-150
    Swiss, 69
    tabbies, 130-134
    terriers, 166-170

    cats, 122-157. see also dogs
       Persians, 150-156
       Siamese, 138-150
       tabbies, 130-134
    cheeses, 68-71
    dogs, 159-170. see also cats
       poodles, 162-166
       terriers, 166-170
    Persians, 150-156. see also cats
    pets, 119-170
    poodles, 162-166. see also dogs
    Roquefort. see cheeses
    Siamese, 138-150. see also cats
    Swiss cheese. see cheeses
    terriers, 166-170. see also dogs
  • misses that 'cats' is referred to but not printed on p. 137
  • no indication that Swiss cheese or Roquefort are both cheeses
  • in fact, 'cheese' should be plural
    when referring to different types
  • no indication that dogs and cats are types
    of animals (rather than cheeses)
  • no entry at all for 'pets'
  • shows that 'cats' range is not really broken
    by a page without the word 'cat'
  • notes that 'Persians' is referred to but not printed on p. 156
  • indicates dogs are related to cats
  • correlates cat and dog species as well as cheese types
  • carefully chosen capitalization adds information

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